Improve Your Creative Health

What past participants said

2011 Hannaford Centre workshop – Participants’ feedback

“Absolutely loved the writing, it exceeded all my expectations! It made it so easy to just ‘start’ writing, I was amazed at myself!” – Kealan

“Just what I needed at this time, an opportunity to be creative, focus on balance and not think about work for a few hours” – Jo

“Great workshop again! I love it. I can never get that kind of relaxation any other time. It’s a great head clearer” – Anny

“I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in exploring their creativity regardless of whether they have previous experience or not” – Judy

“Clear indication of enjoyment for me in that the time simply flew.” – Natalie

“I especially loved “Musical Journeys” taking a line walkabout – SUPER music composed by Erica’s son; the venue is perfect space, quiet, calm, white with soaring ceilings and stained glass – heavenly!” – Ruth

“So lovely! The inner child is shining now!” – Anna

“Fun and a step towards creative empowerment, but only the beginning – would love more, so that it doesn’t stall – thank you!”– Hayley

Thank you to our participants for their publication permission.