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Caribbean Cruise

CKS cruised the Caribbean in December 2012 and January 2013 and conducted classes as cruise ship artists. Here are a selection of the guests’ comments about their experiences with collage, printmaking and mixed media.

All comments and images are published with kind permission of the artists.


“Zana and Erica have a unique approach to the creative process of making art that enables those with little or no prior experience to create artistic impressions that reflect the individual’s interests or feelings, graphically. They are helpful without being directive, making suggestions that may be incorporated in the work, or not, and there is not feeling of being judged. They’re great enablers, they’re also charming people.”

Donna, Erica, Michael, Claudette and Zana.



“… all the wonderful learning activities truly stretched my imagination and love for art. This was a true bonus to the cruising experience…a calm refuge.”

Bina with her work



“Erica and Zana are inspirational teachers. They are dedicated to getting the ‘very best’ out of their pupils, charming, funny and full of fun. I have so enjoyed the printmaking and painting.”

Still Life – painting


Wonderful ladies. I so enjoyed the classes – I have been so inspired I will continue to take art and craft classes.

Geri with her collage work.


“They were encouraging to everyone, whether you were a novice, like me, an amateur, or a pro. Incredible!”

Donna with her work

Donna’s drawing of Lou.



Hermann with his work.


Hermann’s fun print.


“Great class”

Ingrid with her stingray print.