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CKS Cruising to Mexico

Erica Aronsten and Zana Dare were invited to be Artists-in-Residence on a cruise ship sailing from Miami to Mexico, Belize and Honduras during December 2012.

Workshop in Action

Here are a selection of the guests’ comments about their experiences with collage, printmaking and mixed media.

All comments and images are published with kind permission of the artists.


“What a wonderful addition to my vacation. Zana and Erica are great coaches and teachers. I created memories as well as “masterpieces” that will remind me of my wonderful time.”


Erica, Janet and Zana


“It was a very creative experience.”


Thea with her work


“… a terrific addition to the cruise with creative fellowship and great fun. Erica and Zana were supportive, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.”


“Thanks for the introduction to collage and printing. Will definitely be continuing with the printing when I get home.”




What a wonderful creative experience! Erica and Zana are great instructors, thank you.”


“So inspired by Erica and Zana I drew for hours in my cabin.”


Roberta and Erica


“Wonderful classes. Very fulfilling. Non-judgemental freedom to express yourself.”

“Mayans Uncovered’  by Stephanie Z.


“A wonderful experience.”


Bonnie C.



“Enjoyable – tried out techniques and designs I’ve never been exposed to. Instructors were very encouraging and expanded my range of self-expression.”





Thank you to all participants for permission to use their work.