Improve Your Creative Health

Fun Quiz – Check Your Creative Health

It’s all about you.

Many are concerned about their physical and financial well-being…but what about your Creative Health?

Try this interactive quiz and in just a few minutes see how you score!

Indicate how the following statements best describes you.


Take your creative pulse
1. I value myself as a creative being
2. I share ideas with like-minded people
3. I challenge myself with new projects
4. I think of myself as inventive
5. I make time for creative activity
6. I use new experiences to stimulate creative expression
7. I feel I have a creative side just waiting to get out
8. I feel happy pursuing creative activities
9. I use playfulness as part of the creative process
10. I am curious about the world around me


Gauge your creative strength
1. I do regular exercise - such as walking, swimming, yoga, etc.
2. I take time out - listen to music, meditate, sit in a park, be in nature, etc.
3. I am a networker in my field and enjoy engaging with like-minded people
4. I engage in a range of creative interests – such as cooking, gardening, craft or photography
5. I enjoy experimenting and trying to create new things
6. I recover well from setbacks
7. I keep up with trends in my areas of interest
8. I work towards my goals even when chances of success may be low
9. I set aside time to pursue creative practices
10. I can usually manage change and uncertainty


Test your creative vision
1. I sketch or doodle when toying with creative ideas
2. I see methods of working with materials that others don’t always see
3. I look beyond the obvious
4. I see beauty in the smallest things
5. I see situations from different perspectives
6. I see a problem more as a challenge than a barrier
7. I love coming up with new ideas
8. I see compositions everywhere
9. I let music transport me
10. I can begin a project without knowing how it will end


Is stress weighing you down?
1. I tend to put other people's needs before my own
2. I feel frustrated easily even with the smallest task and don't always know why
3. I am too tired to pursue my creative interests
4. I worry about the judgement of others
5. I find it difficult to voice my feelings
6. I push myself to get things done even when I am trying to relax or unwind
7. I hate making mistakes
8. I tend to multi-task and am easily distracted
9. I mainly work and have little time for other pursuits
10. I feel a high level of anxiety when facing new endeavours